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Some Dates You Don't Forget

Let's face it. Nobody is supposed to forget their wedding date, yet somehow, many of us do. Even as I'm writing this, I'm remembering... you guessed it... today is my wedding anniversary. Technically, it's 2/29, so I only have to remember every four years, still, I'd better make this post quickly and do something wonderful for the most amazing partner in my life. Part of the reason we chose 2/29 is for it's inherent memorability.

When Tiffany reached out to me earlier this year (like a month ago) and asked if I was available for a Tuesday wedding, it crossed my mind that I was getting set up for a prank show.

Next month? On a Tuesday? I asked.

Yes, she said. Tuesday. February 22. This year. 2022. This was followed by a long pause, and then you could hear the smile creep into her voice "... the ceremony will be at 2:22."

I started to think she might be serious. I mean, it is a good date. I jokingly asked, "Will the ceremony be 22 minutes long?"

There was a moment of silence. Then an excited answer. "IT IS NOW!"

And that was my introduction to these two:

Tiffany and Drew, were in fact married at 2:22pm, on Tuesday 2/22/2022. And a a whole bunch of their friends and family came out to the Lageret in Stoughton to celebrate with them. They warmed the Wisconsin winter with their wonderfully festive and colorful wedding. But that is an entirely different story, and I need to run out to the chocolate shop... for no reason whatsoever. Enjoy these photos from their wedding day. Guests who know the password can view the entire collection at If you don't know the password, I'm sure they'll share it with you.

Happy Tuesday.


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