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Must Love Dogs. A Wedding Perspective by Nugget

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Excusez-moi mes amies. My name is Nugget. That is pronounced (New-zhe) by us French Bulldogs, or (Nug-itt) for my less sophisticated American friends. How do you do? If you will permit me, this is my first blog. It is a dog's life, as they say, so I have not had all that much to write about. Yes my bow-tie is on-pointe, bien sûr.

Nugget - French Bulldog guide

Today something extraordinary took place. We had a party at The Loft at 132 in Sun Prairie!! And so the human's wouldn't be left out, we let two of them get married! Congratulations to Nicole and Joshua. You probably know them already. Nicole is the founder and president of Custom Canines Service Academy in Madison, Wisconsin. And that is where she met Joshua, when he came to the academy to get adopted by one of my puppy pals. Speaking of which - I invited so many of them to the party!

Echo - yellow lab service dog

This is Echo! She's a super sweet service dog. A yellow Labrador, or a Laboratoire jaune as we say in French.

And this is my buddy Teddy! Yes, a Laboratoire noir! I see you are good at identifying breeds.

Teddy - black lab

Frosty was able to make it! She's a a Lab/Golden Retriever Cross and a service dog in training (like me).

Frosty the service dog

Oh! and speaking of training, Guide Dog in Training, Nigel (Goldendoodle) is working on becoming Nicole's new guide dog. He will have some German Shepherd sized paw prints to fill when he takes over from her current guide, Micah, who did not attend. Service dog Wonder, Joshua's German Shepherd also stayed home.

We had so much fun watching our humans eat and play with each other. I've included a few photos of the humans at the bottom of this post, just in case any of them follow this blog. But let's be real. Today, was our day!

Service dogs in training Apollo and Otto were there. And service dogs Anke, and Tango, and Boomer and dressed in their finest tuxedos (of course) were Whiskey and Guinness. Madison Mobile DJ dropped some great beats.

OH - We AND had a photo booth!

And we had a special cake!

We had so much fun it was difficult to remember that Nicole and Joshua were having a special day as well! But like I said earlier, I've added some token human photos at the bottom. Here's one where the humans were photo bombing us!

Group Photos of all service dogs


Obligatory photos of the humans.

For other human and dog photos, visit Nicole and Joshua's Wedding Gallery at: Ask them for the password.

In conclusion, this is my friend Kraken. He didn't come to my party (or the human wedding), but he allowed his photographer human to come to the wedding and take the photos. So I thank him very much.

Au revoir and I'll smell you later,

- Nugget

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