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Mirror Lake - Diamonds in the Dells

I've always felt that Devil's Lake State Park and Mirror Lake State Park were related. They're both near Wisconsin Dells, they're both picturesque, and they're both excellent choices for an outdoor wedding.

One of the draws for Mirror Lake, is the absolutely beautiful amphitheater. Nestled intimately within the park and a short distance from the water's edge, this is an ideal spot for a ceremony. Every guest is treated with a beautiful view in this natural stone and wood setting. I was so excited to find out this is exactly where Cat and Robert decided to get married.

Cat and Robert were blessed with a beautiful, warm, spring day and surrounded by friends and family, enveloped by the foliage of the state park and scents of spring flowers and pine trees dancing on the air. It couldn't have been more perfect.

After the ceremony, which blended traditional elements and the words of Bob Marley with wisdom from Game of Thrones, we paused by the sparkling waters of the lake. The sun streamed from behind the trees and cool breezes added the perfect finish to an already perfect day.

Cat and Robert - Thank you so much for including us in your day. We wish you all possible happiness in your future together. I hope you enjoy these photos from the wedding and reception. Guests who know the password can view the entire collection at If you don't know the password, I'm sure they'll share it with you.


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