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Rustic Elegance @ Rosewood

After a bit of winter break, it's wedding season again. And one of my guilty pleasures is discovering new-to-me venues. When I first started out in this career, every place was new (and honestly a bit intimidating), the Concourse Hotel, the Capitol Building, barns with petting zoos, elegant ballrooms, downtown alleyways, parks, museums, iconic churches and family backyards. While it's nice to return to a familiar favorite, discovering new spaces adds an extra bit of thrill to an already exciting wedding day. That was my experience this week when I traveled to Rosewood in Delavan Wisconsin.

It's a perfect blend of Old World Wisconsin and uptown finery. I don't know that I've experienced anything quite like it.

The bridal suite is a photographer's dream with huge dressing mirrors, bay windows and window seats. The outdoor spaces are immaculate and offer a pair of pavilions, a wishing well, a large outdoor event space with fire pits, private bar and a million little stylish details.

It was the ideal spot for Meghan and Cory's wedding reception. The venue's multimedia projection screens were perfect for watching the video of their 2021 wedding ceremony and photo montages of their lives during dinner and was paired with the amazing talents of the Rosewood culinary staff led by Chef John Schnupp and his amazing wood-fired and farm-to-table cuisine.

There were too many moments to pick a favorite, though dancing the night away in the venue's feature rich theater was definitely a thrill... and of course pie flipping. Yes. you read that correctly. Pie.Flipping.

Big 'thank you' to Meghan and Cory, their amazing families and friends (esp. Shanna and Steve) for making us feel so warm and welcomed. I hope you enjoy these photos from the reception. Guests who know the password can view the entire collection at If you don't know the password, I'm sure they'll share it with you.


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