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PAR-fect Day for a Wedding

Saturday at the Legend at Bergamont was a perfect day for Eva and Rob's golf course wedding. There are so many amazing things I could talk about regarding this wedding. Eva's jaw-droppingly beautiful wedding dress (from Brandi's Bridal Galleria), the infinitely helpful event coordinator at The Legend at Bargamont (Kylie Reinhart), Eva's stunning flowers (Simply Glamorous Designs). But instead I've decided to talk about my new favorite tradition. And while it's not technically a tradition, it worth making it one; getting rid of the family formals following the ceremony.

I know it's been talked about before. I've talked about it before. It's worth the repeat. Eva and Rob decided to have a 'First Look' before the ceremony and it was sweet and meaningful and perfect. They spent some time with their wedding wedding party, took a few quick photos with their family and then headed off to the ceremony.

After the ceremony we grabbed a quick drone photo of everyone in attendance. Eva and Rob thanked their guests for coming and then they walked away down the golf course trail to spend their first few married moments together. No stressful minutes of rounding up family. No answering questions like "Do you want cousin's in the photo?" or 'Where did grandma get off to?" Instead their wedding looked a bit like this.

What followed was some of the best dancing (facilitated by (Jukebox Bandstand), best homemade cookies (Eva's Mom), and best photo boothing (thanks to all the guests) we've seen in a long time.

Below are some of my other favorite moments of their wedding. To download social media optimized images and see the rest of the photos visit their online gallery, including the photo booth, visit Ask them for the password.