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Mark & Philip: A Star Spangled Wedding

Lussier Family Heritage Center - Sable Park Photography
So many happy tears this day

It was an exciting day for political junkies. After all, it's not every week we attend a wedding that includes Secret Service code names (even if they were made up by the wedding party). Nor one with an appearance by Elizabeth Warren. Mark and Philip's wedding had all of this and more. A Supreme Court Justice officiant, photos in the State Capitol Assembly Chamber, even a police escort. ... Technically the Capitol Police Officer just unlocked a door for us, but he did escort us into the room, so I feel it counts.

Elizabeth Warren Wedding - Sable Park Photography
Elizabeth Warren Made a Surprise Wedding Day Visit

Mark and Philip, who have chickens named after Justices, tied the knot last weekend at Badger Farms in Cottage Grove, Wisconsin, in front of of 170, or so, of their friends and family members. The ceremony was full of laughter and happy tears. Moments both tender and solemn.

Wedding Guests Drone Photo - Sable Park Photography
Officially Married!

I could wax poetically on their inspiring vows that left everyone weeping, the million and one little touches (like signing their marriage license as part of the ceremony), the outpouring of love and thousands of other items that made this day especially memorable. But instead, I'll let the photos of the day tell the story instead.

To download images, or to see their entire wedding collection, visit their full gallery: The newlyweds have the password.


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