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About The Team

John Sable is a portrait and wedding photographer who’s fond of saying he doesn’t photograph people; he photographs emotion. Imagine the feeling in your heart the moment before your first kiss. Or the pride in a father’s eyes watching his daughter walk down the aisle.  He shoots the feelings found in moments between the moments, when the world falls away and your true, candid self emerges.

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“My clients are not models. They don’t spend their lives in front of a camera. They’re wonderfully normal, people who might feel awkward in front of a camera.  And within a few minutes of shooting, all the fear, apprehension, and nervousness fades away, and who they are inside emerges. They realize I’m not taking photos of what they look like. I’m taking pictures of who they are and the feelings they bring out of the people around them. Those are the beautiful, natural images I capture. Enchanting, humorous, vulnerable, real photography.

He Doesn't Do It Alone

Anna Lewis is both the brains and the beauty of the outfit.  It was her idea to name the business Sable Park (their pet name for the park where she proposed to John, and where they were later married).

Kayla Miller is a wildly talented photographer and second shoots with John on most weddings. When not providing exceptional styling advice for Sable Park Photography, Kayla leads the photography team at Colony Brands in Monroe, Wisconsin.

Michelle Wimmer has been a part of the team since 2017. She's a Madison based photographer with an exceptional eye for creativity and perspective, Michelle works as a photographer for Becker Home Improvement and you can see her personal style at Michelle Wimmer Photography.

Kevin St. John interned at Sable Park Photography in 2018.  Within a year, he started working as a lighting assistant, then as a second shooter and most recently assisting the team as a wedding liaison.  You can see his wide assortment of photography talents at

Wow is all I can say!  John has an amazing talent with photos!  I had a blast and so did my fiancé... he accommodated my pets very well too which was so important to us... A++ for
our experience!”




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