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Why Sable Park?

Hi! I'm John Sable - I love it when people call me John, but at your wedding, I answer to pretty much anything. 'John, Camera Dude, Bro-tographer.' It's all good.

People say I'm the 'regular people's photographer.' I think that fits me perfectly. 

I'm a team player at weddings. Moms love me. Dads fist bump me.  Wedding parties thank me. Venues ask me back, and I play well with DJs and bands.   


I balance capturing authentic moments as they unfold with a splash of direction when asked or needed.  

Clients often share that it was like getting photos taken by a close friend... only a friend with photography skills. I'm happy to share all my planning tips to ensure your wedding day is perfect.

“My clients are not models. They don’t spend their lives in front of a camera. They’re wonderfully normal, people who sometimes feel awkward in front of a camera. And that's okay.
That's why you want me at the wedding. My super-power is getting you to relax and capture authentic, fun and memorable photos of your best day!

Bonus Points for Dogs?

You don't even need to ask if you can bring your dog to the engagement session. 


Kraken will wish he was there too, but definitely feel free to bring your fur baby.

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Let's ride Dad!

Wow is all I can say!  John has an amazing talent with photos!  I had a blast and so did my fiancé... he accommodated my pets very well too which was so important to us... A++ for
our experience!”




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