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"We're okay with weird pictures."

I met Krystal and Craig a couple of years ago and knew we'd be a perfect fit for each other when they said. "We want to include a motorcycle in the engagement session, and our friend is going to come with a hockey mask and a knife. Is that okay?"

These are my kind of people, I though. Turns out, I was totally correct. They had a small and beautiful wedding ceremony in 2020 and were bubbling with excitement as 2021 rolled in and they were finally able to celebrate with all their friends and family.

"We're okay with weird pictures." One of Krystal's bridesmaids offered after a shot of whiskey. It may have been Amber, but it was immediately confirmed by the entire wedding party.

I can definitely say I don't get to shoot many weddings with skeletons decorating the head table. (Although this reminds me that there is a skeleton in the back of my wife's car that I need to ask her about.)

The reception was full of laughter and good spirits and even Kevin from The Office made an appearance. It could not have been a better evening.

So, please enjoy these happy, fun, warm, and occasionally weird images from their wedding day last weekend. To download images and to see the entire gallery visit: Ask Krystal or Craig for the password.

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