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Van Halen Destroying the Hotel Made This Wedding Extra Special

No matter how large your hotel room, it's difficult to keep it clean on a wedding day. Your bridesmaids are getting ready there. The hair/make-up team sets up shop by the window. The florist is dropping off flowers. Mom is running in and out dealing with last minute details. The flower girl is playing games on a cell phone. It's a bit of a mess.

My hot photography tip: Make friends with front desk.

As Alicia and her bridesmaids were getting ready for her beautiful Olin Park wedding, I popped down to the Sheraton's front desk and innocently asked,

"Any chance you have a private lounge area where we can get photos of Alicia's dress?"

The front desk was fantastic. "In 1978, Van Halen stayed here and destroyed the 7th floor," the guest services rep said.

I was intrigued and continued to listen.

"They set off fire extinguishers, broke furniture, taped fish to the ceiling, soaked the carpets, the works."

It was the third stop on their first world tour and the seventh floor of the hotel barely survived. The hotel's management wasn't amused.

As an apology, the liner notes on their 2nd album released the following year included a special thank you to 'The Sheraton Inn (seventh floor), Madison Wisconsin.' The hotel responded by designing a lounge on that same floor as a tribute to Van Halen and call it The Roth Room.

A complete story about Van Halen's trip to Madison can be found here:

Whether or not your a fan of Van Halen, the room atop the hotel is beautiful and was the perfect spot for Alicia to kick off her world tour... er... wedding.

Shout out to these professional who help make the day perfect!

I hope these photos from Alicia and Joe's special day make you 'Jump.' To download images and to see the entire gallery visit: Ask them for the password.


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