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Sara & Adam Wedding

Wedding First Look

"... I'm looking for the wedding party..."

I had recently met with Sara and Adam. They had not only given me the name of the hotel they were getting ready at, but also the exact room number. I looked at my notes again to confirm the number. I looked back inside the room and blinked, expecting to see Sara and her bridesmaids getting ready. Instead I was greeted by a raccoon.

The raccoon was stretching near the bathroom doorway. Further into the room, a panda bear was having eye liner applied by a cat. Even that wasn't the strangest sight in room 126 of the Comfort Inn that morning. Next to the panda and cat, a frog was rubbing rouge on a seal's face, while a kangaroo stood in the bathtub curling her hair in the mirror.

"Um. I'm looking for the wedding party," I managed to eek out, before the seal beamed her wedding day smile and warned me there was a lion, just down the hall, who'd be joining us shortly. The rest of the bridesmaids laughed and having met Sara and her Matron of Honor last year at another wedding, It dawned on me I was in the right spot. ... And this was going to be an incredibly fun wedding.

Menagerie in tow, we left the hotel for the breathtaking Lake Windsor Country Club. The morning was cool, and a few days before Sara and Adam decided to move the ceremony indoors. But the temperature outside cooperated long enough for Sara to sneak up behind Adam to give him a first look at her dress and to spend the last few minutes of their engagement period together with the collection of wild animals spying at them through the country club's windows.

There were too many heartwarming and touching details to highlight. Best if you just see for yourself with the images below. Guests can find the couple's entire collection at Ask the newlyweds for the password.

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