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Perfect Wedding. That's the Tee

This Legend at Bergamont wedding was the first of two weddings this past weekend. Both at the golf club and and started with a site visit and meeting the Special Events Coordinator, Kylie Reinhart. She and her team were the driving force making sure every detail was accounted for and perfect. She also gave me a tour of the club, pointed out spots of interest and allowed me to move in a carload of equipment two days before the wedding. All of which helped make for a perfect wedding day.

It's been a hot and humid few weeks in Wisconsin. The sun on Friday was out in full force, but Tanya and Cletus seemed cool as cucumbers on their wedding day. The guests all sported sunglasses and Steven, their officiant kept the ceremony short and sweet. After, what seemed like only a few minutes, it was time to get the drone in the air for a group photo and then off to the air-conditioned clubhouse and cocktail hour.

Tanya and Cletus had already decided to skip the traditional 'Family Formal Photos' right after the ceremony (an idea I whole heartedly support) and instead spent the first minutes of married life walking together along the shaded paths around the golf course. Every moment of their romantic wedding day was perfectly suited to them.

Below are some of my favorite moments of their wedding. To download social media optimized images and see the rest of the photos visit their online gallery at Ask them for the password.


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