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It Started Like a Normal Wedding

Last Saturday was the first wedding I shot in 2021. The day started like a normal wedding day...

I want to stop right there for a moment and say it again.

It started like a normal wedding day.

For over a year we've been wondering if there'd be another 'normal wedding day.' In 2020 we photographed really lovely weddings on February 29th and the first weekend of March. And then the pandemic hit us. Hard. Wedding after wedding postponed or cancelled. the March, April, and May weddings moved to September, October, and November... and then they moved again. The precious few weddings which kept their original dates, did so without many guests. In two of the weddings, I was the only guest.

Last Saturday, something amazingly normal happened. I packed up my car (I bring a SURPRISINGLY LOT of equipment to a wedding). I showed up early (I always do). I met the team in the parking lot. They were all early too. Everyone was so excited. And we photographed (and videographed) a beautiful wedding. Full of life and love and guests. Full of toasts and cheer and laughter. And it was beautiful. Beautiful in the way that all weddings are beautiful, but also in feeing exquisitely normal.

Yes, we wore masks and will continue to do so for some time. Still there was an unmistakable and overwhelming feeling of hope in the air. The fear of 2020 started to fade away.

It probably helped that I love the couple and have known Emily for several years. Working with my absolute favorite DJ (Amy Midle of Polished Entertainment) certainly didn't hurt. :) My team was great. The Wilderness Resort is a lovely and accommodating venue and their staff is top notch.

Tomorrow, I'll head off to another happy wedding. Today, I'm smiling and basking in the memory of the most beautiful, wonderfully perfect, normal wedding of Emily and Joe. Thank you both so much for including me in your day. It meant so very much.

I hope you enjoy this collection of their photos. To download photos visit their full gallery at Ask the newlyweds for the password.

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