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Don't Look At Me

You've met. You've gone on dates. You've fallen in love. You realize this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. It's taken months (or years) of planning and in an hour you're going to be married. Why would you not want to spend those last moments of being single, together? If 'tradition' or 'you want the first time he sees you is when you're walking down the aisle' is the reason, I recommend following Natezia and Taylor's example. Have a first look, but... don't look.

A 'First Look' really isn't about looking at each other. Sure, that's a part of what's involved, but it's really a special time to reflect on your lives together. All those amazing moments that have led you to the day of your wedding. Natezia and Taylor were looking fantastic and I'm sure they wanted to turn around and hold and kiss each other. By not looking, it gave them the perfect opportunity to hold hands. They reassured each other that the they day was going to be great. They could say their "I love yous" to each other. And most importantly, they were able to be there for each other. Before the ceremony. Tension faded, excitement grew and everything was perfect. Because they are perfect, together.

I'm so happy they decided to break with tradition while still preserving the tradition of a walking down the aisle reveal. It was a beautiful blending of new ways and old ways and they did it their way.

Following the ceremony at St. Marks Evangelical Lutheran Church in Watertown Wisconsin, they boarded the bus with the wedding party and held a beautifully elegant reception at the Delafield Hotel. It was an absolutely exquisite affair. The hotel let the newlyweds climb to the top of the watch tower and we had a ball taking photos from the roof while the banquet room was being prepared. It was a beautiful way to cap off a perfect day.

Here are a few select photos from their wedding and reception. If you'd like to download social media optimized images and see the rest of the collection go to their online gallery at Ask them for the password.


Shout out to these amazing vendors for their incredible work.

The Delafield Hotel - Reception / Catering

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