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Caitlin & Nick stroll through Picnic Point

I was in the best mood the day I met Caitlin and Nick for the first time.

Usually, I meet clients through wedding expos or as referrals from other couples. After a few emails, we'll meet up for coffee and have a longer, more personal conversation. It's at these meet ups that I start to really understand who the couple is and how Sable Park Photography might best help them capture their wedding day.

None of that happened with Caitlin and Nick.

Instead, the reached out from their home in Washington D.C., said they loved our photography and asked how they could book us for their wedding in 2020. Flattery will get you everywhere with this artist. :)

So, the first time I laid eyes on either of them they had already booked their wedding and flew into Madison for an engagement session.

picnic point engagement session - sable park photography
Dinosaurs and romance @ Picnic Point

Whenever I'm getting ready to photograph someone, I show up early. It gives me a chance to do a bit of a walk-about before the clients get there. So I arrived about 20 minutes before the session was supposed to start. Caitlin and Nick were waiting for me.

"You must be John." They said with smiles in their voices. I think my cameras gave me away.

A few minutes later we were walking down the path combining my two favorite activities - getting to know people and photography.

It turns out they both spent a few years in Madison, and wanted to have their wedding here so they could introduce the city to their friends and family. I hope their friends enjoy this tiny slice of the area known as Picnic Point.

I try to make downloading digital files for social media really. To download images that will look on Facebook or Instagram, or order prints, please visit Caitlin and Nick's photo gallery at Ask the lovebirds for for the password.


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