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Breanne and Jes' Perfect Wedding Day

Lussier Family Heritage Center - Sable Park Photography
So many happy tears this day

We felt right at home this past Saturday at Lussier Family Heritage Center. Not only because it's so close to our house, we could have ridden our bikes here (We routinely pass the center on our daily bike trips). But because Breanne and Jes have a way of making people feel right like part of their family from the first instant you meet them. Just ask the Madison Fire Department who crashed the wedding (see below).

It was a perfect day for a wedding - the air was crisp and cool. Breanne looked a.m.a.z.i.n.g in her stunning dress and assistance of her team of artists:

Make up - Amanda Nelson

Wedding Jewelry - Sable Park Photography
Breanne's heirloom earrings

It's fairly common for me to shed a happy tear during a couple's first look. True to form, both Breanne and Jes joined me the moment they revealed themselves to each other.

Wedding Party Toast - Sable Park Photography
Wedding Party Celebration Toast

Later in the evening, as Spencer and Daryl (Xcite Entertainment) dimmed the lights and Breanne and Jes were ready to heat up the dance floor - the fire alarm went off. This wedding was getting too hot! Everyone made their way outside and enjoyed a frozen treat from Kona Ice to cool off and wait for Madison Fire Department to give us the 'all clear.'

Madison Fire Department Crashes Wedding - Sable Park Photography
Madison Fire Department came to the rescue

With the fire alarm reset (there was no fire), We dance the night away.

To download images, or to see their entire wedding collection, visit their full gallery: The newlyweds have the password.


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