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Amanda & Joe at Stewart lake

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Stewart Lake engagement session - sable park photography
Amanda and Joe loving Stewart Lake

We love puppies. We love meeting new people. We love exploring new places. We love engagement sessions. And the absolute best is when we can combine all of the above. Last week was AWESOME! To break it down, last week Amanda and Joe took us up on our offer of a totally free engagement session. If you didn't know you could do this - visit for more information. They introduced me to Stewart Lake in Mount Horeb. It's my new favorite place for fall pictures. We were only able to explore a small part of it during our engagement session and I'm already bouncing about thinking about potential future trips there. Not to let the location overshadow my excitement, I need to add that Amanda and Joe are the happy parents to Koda - this stunning, playful, super dog.

Engagement Photos with Dogs - Sable Park Photography
Coda patiently trying to get his humans to pose nicely

Amanda and Joe - thank you so very much for trying out Sable Park Photography.

Koda - thank you for being the perfect pupper.

Joe's Dad - thank you for dog wrangling while I stole Amanda and Joe away for some photos.

Please enjoy this sneak peek of our session. Their full client gallery can be found at Ask them for the password.


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